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IIT and NEET coaching in Sohna

IIT and NEET Coaching in Sohna Road

Vedas International School is the best IIT and NEET Coaching boarding school in Gurgaon.Vedas International School in Sohna Road Gurgaon is the epitome of innovation and dedication. The school has always focussed on providing all the necessary tools for holistic growth. The journey of all students begins after their school days. Our team has taken the responsibility to ensure that our students are well-equipped to handle these challenges.

In this competitive world, people are expected to outshine others in every aspect of their lives. This would require intense preparation and systematic planning for the next phase. The choice of college would play a significant role in their career path. Keeping this in mind, we have introduced NEET and IIT coaching as a part of their curriculum.

Over 20 lakhs students attend these entrance exams annually for a limited number of seats. Our goal is to provide a competitive advantage to our students by giving them the proper training and career guidance. We have designed a unique curriculum for NEET medical coaching under the guidance of various educationalists and industry leaders. This would help them to master the subject by understanding the concept and its practical benefits. This prepares them not just for the exam but also for further studies.

Our team of academic experts understands the unique balance of work and play. This has motivated them to develop an intricate system of including the materials as a part of the regular curriculum. This enables us to teach the materials innovatively. As a result, students do not feel burdened and enjoy relishing material related to IIT preparation and Medical Preparation.

Additionally, we ensure that the students attain holistic growth rather than just the subject matter. Our vision is to empower them to become a successful individual who will reach great heights in the community. Nevertheless, we also instil moral, ethical and cultural responsibilities right from a young age. This helps them become good people with academic intellect and social awareness.


Our classroom is designed with the state of the art equipment to provide the best amenities to offer the best atmosphere to the students. We ensure that the rooms are spacious and filled with natural light. Our staff have researched extensively to comprehend the best atmosphere for the students. We have designed our classrooms in lieu of these results.

Teaching Technique

Vedas International School has perfected our teaching techniques over the years. We have implemented the right blend of various methods to ensure holistic development for our students. Though our primary focus is on the curriculum, we also take various initiatives to instil all essential values like team management, logical analysis, project planning, and finance management. This will help the students to manage multiple challenges in their career and their lives.

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Skilled Experts

Our faculty are skilled and proficient in their respective fields. Additionally, they are passionate about adapting to the changing trends in IIT preparation and medical exam preparation. They innovate newer techniques to impart knowledge to the students. We always take the necessary steps to ensure a healthy relationship between the staff and the students. Our teachers understand that they are the key role models in the student’s life and take the responsibility very seriously.

Personalised Approach

One of the notable aspects of Vedas International School is that the staffs always take the extra mile to connect with the students. We conduct personalised counselling sessions to understand the unique passion of our students. We understand if their core interest is engineering or medicine. We recommend the right curriculum to help them to advance in their career.

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Expert Guidance

Vedas International School Gurgaon helps the students to get insights on industry advancements by providing a sneak peek behind the curtain. We arrange periodic seminars, workshops and other interactive sessions with experts and specialists from various fields. This helps them to streamline their interest and identify their unique path.

Study–Play Balance

Our school always encourages students to focus on sports and other extracurricular activities. We insist on the significance of following a healthy physical regime. These activities help them to learn various values and help them to break the monotony. We have the facilities for all sports so that students can follow their passion.

VIS chemistry lab


Vedas follows an easy and parent-friendly admission process motivating children to enter the world of experience and excellence. Contact the admission desk or visit the admissions section on the website of our school to get the complete admissions schedule made by us.
The school actively focuses on the holistic growth of a child’s character & psyche. We encourage students to actively engage in extracurricular activities, whether it’s sports, performing arts or any other activity and builds their skill set for future development and growth.
Our school follows a 25:1 ratio. For every 25 students batch we have 1 teacher allotted, giving utmost care and attention to each and every student for his/her overall development.
Please visit our admission section on the website to know more about the documents required for the admission process.

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