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5 Reasons Why Vedas is the Best Residential School in Gurgaon

What makes boarding schools so prominent and highly regarded in the country? One might say the decorum, education, and exposure, while some might say cost, discipline and safety. It matters from person to person, what are they looking for in a boarding school.

Vedas International School is one of the best residential school in Gurgaon, offering world-class boarding facilities and education to students. We are a leading residential school in Delhi/NCR curating a holistic curriculum for the students to develop them into confident, knowledgeable, smart and courteous beings to face the real challenges of the world. The five qualities one can surely look upto in Vedas are:

  • It’s a complete package: Apart from academic excellence, Vedas International School also provides extracurricular and sporting excellence to build meaningful relationships with peer and teachers. We, at VIS boarding facility, have an environment that nurtures scholarly, artistic, cultural, linguistic, sporting and spiritual excellence. At our boarding school, we provide an amalgamation of modern education with class-apart Indian values of academics, civility, and social responsibility.
  • We Offer Structure & Discipline: We feel that to bring a rhythm and routine into the daily working of a boarding school is a 24/7 thing. And what makes Vedas boarding school special for kids is that this structure and routine are an integral part of their whole experience. We focus on inspiring a holistic growth of their character and psyche through engaging and encouraging students to participate in various extracurricular activities.
  • Marvellous Supervision: VIS offers great supervision by prioritising the safety and well-being of the students at the boarding school. This is smoothly executed by our well-equipped staff and faculty, who supports and encourages our children as opposed to suffocating them with unnecessary rules. This surely makes Vedas a special boarding school in Gurgaon.
  • Offers A Rewarding Experience: VIS’s intimacy and ideas foster inclusion and inspire students to understand their individual strengths and capabilities. We, as a boarding school, with our unmatched integrity and civility, believes that each child matter. Our staff and faculty closely observe and notices each child’s expressions, achievements, highs and lows. This enables them to work on them with compassion and kindness, enabling the child with a rewarding experience at all times.
  • Provision of Various Opportunities: VIS is an inspirational place with unlimited opportunities to nurture the talent of our young minds. We combine a diverse curriculum with personalised support, so every pupil can achieve the best results they can and follow the Higher Education and career path of their choice. The school is a leading boarding school in Delhi/NCR located amidst the fresh and natural air of Aravali Ranges and guarantees a healthy lifestyle for our students.

One can visit our website and know more about our curriculum and various accolades.

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