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Boarding School in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR

Boarding School

The environment of Vedas International School, the best boarding school in Gurgaon is nurturing, caring and aims to give every child the opportunities to develop their talents and achieve their full academic potential. Our objective is to make boarding fun, safe and rewarding to develop a child’s independence and maturity. We take great pride in the tailored guidance we provide to each child joining VIS. The school’s vision informs about every element of the school’s leadership and practice.

We are an academically magnificent boarding school in Gurgaon, where pupils from all backgrounds feel equally valued. Our school is the best residential school in Delhi/NCR, governed by a Council of Directors who brings their industry knowledge and experience of over 17 years to the table. Our infrastructure is well-equipped with advanced laboratories, technologically driven classrooms, state-of-the-art library, residential sports programs, common room and medical arrangements. It’s a home away from home, where our students shape their thoughts and minds, and in the process, discover their true potential.

The education at Vedas focuses on developing in our pupils the skills, attitudes and habits of mind to sustain them throughout a long life, enabling them to flourish both in School and beyond. The institution closely ensures to encourage them to be diligent, capable, self-motivated and collaborative learners. The broad and cumulative curriculum focuses on holistic growth, with an emphasis on the development of independent and creative thinkers. These core competencies are based on the practical application of knowledge and conceptual understanding of facts.

Vedas International School is one of the best boarding schools in Gurgaon which aspires to create a right blend of academic, sports and co-curricular activities. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) accredits us, and our standards are one of the best in the country. Together we aim to foster mutual respect, trust, tolerance and an understanding of different cultures. At the time of leaving school, all our students are confident, grounded, and considerate enough to integrate with people from different walks of life happily.

Vedas Boarding School
VIS Hostel

Opportunities at Our
Boarding School

VIS is an inspirational place with unlimited opportunities to nurture the talent of our young minds. We combine a diverse curriculum with personalised support, so every pupil can achieve the best results they can and follow the Higher Education and career path of their choice. The school is a leading boarding school located amidst the fresh and natural air of Aravali Ranges and guarantees a healthy lifestyle for our students.


Vedas International School is the best residential school in Delhi/NCR providing an impeccable infrastructure for the holistic growth of all students. Our school premise is equipped with umpteen facilities, ground, activities and support mechanisms in place to provide a truly all-round educational experience to all pupil. At Vedas, we aim to make schooling fun, safe, and rewarding. We provide plenty of opportunities for children to develop emotionally, physically and personally.

Being the top boarding school in Gurgaon, Vedas International School has an eco-friendly lush green campus spread over wide acres of land, with 24*7 power back-up and security facility. We provide the highest standards of academic and residential care to students while preparing them for the challenging world ahead.

We provide and support the best opportunities for the development of students by promoting independence for their academic, creative and extra-curricular learning and pastoral development. Our world-class infrastructure facilities are meant to promote the development of enriching characteristics in students to adapt to change with curiosity and an open mind.

VIS Infrastructure
Hostel Room

Hostel Room

Vedas International School is a thriving boarding school in Gurgaon offering the best hostel facilities to all our boarders. We are committed to provide education both in and beyond the classroom, thereby enabling the academic, artistic and physical potential of each child to flourish. Coupled with a strong determination to succeed and excel, our school enables our children to acquire a strong sense of achievement, confidence and awareness in all their endeavours.

We are amongst the top 10 boarding schools in Delhi/NCR and provides a happy, purposeful and appreciative atmosphere to all our hostelers. As a school, we pride ourselves in providing a boarding environment which is caring and dynamic and brings out the best in every child. Boarding at Vedas aims to foster a sense of personal worth so that all boarders feel valued within the community.

At Vedas, we ensure that hostel rooms and facilities provided to the kids are comfortable and well-equipped for their calm and peaceful sleep each day. In boarding, we aim to develop in children the ability to live together harmoniously, build friendships and become independent.


Vedas International School is the best boarding school in Delhi/NCR, providing holistic education to all students and enabling each child to reach their zenith potential to excel, along with developing confidence and character. We enable each child to achieve his/her own academic and physical potential by providing a curriculum that is broad, balanced and differentiated. This is to ensure continuity and progression of learning.

The dining facilities at Vedas offers breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner, and has a bright ambience that’s inviting and comfortable. All our meals are designed after detailed consultations with expert dietitians and prepared on campus under strict quality controls. We serve delicious meals, with eggs, juices, fresh fruits, vegetables, and milk to give our students the right amount of nutrition their bodies need. Our menu changes frequently to offer variety and taste to our students.

We are one of the top residential schools in Delhi/NCR, enabling each child to foster positive attitudes towards learning and life. Our experienced staff and teachers try to enable each child to develop a sense of self-discipline and sensitivity towards his/her surroundings and people. The idea is to help children become complete individuals and view the world through a completely new outlook.

Vedas Dining


As a boarding school, we provide the best residential facilities to students in terms of accommodation and a secure and motivating environment. We provide a comfortable living and learning environment for a child’s overall development.
Our boarding school facilitates outstanding all-round education to all our students and prepares them for the challenging world and future competition.
To know the admission criteria for our boarding school, please get in touch with us by filling an online form, and we shall get back to you.
We provide boarding school facility only for boys.
Our school works with a far-sighted vision, giving our students unlimited opportunities to nurture their talent with personalised support for holistic development.

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