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How Are Boarding Schools Shaping the Holistic Growth of Students?

When we speak about holistic education, we look forward to a way of living, which prepare students for their future and help them tackle every challenge of their life with certainty and assurance. Education is meant to focus on the child as a whole, and it should cater to the physical, emotional, social and cognitive development of children. When it focuses on the process of living, it indicates that the child is learning and gaining knowledge unconsciously and acquiring knowledge through exploring and experiencing.

School education ought to help children be more aware of their abilities and teach life skills that are often foundational to true learning. It is a journey of helping them form self-identities and create self-awareness. A boarding school is a place where holistic education is inculcated and prepare the child for community living.

What is a holistic approach to education?

A holistic way of thinking seeks to encircle and integrate multiple layers of meaning and experience that defines various human possibilities. Every child’s capabilities and intellect levels are different from each other, and thus the system of education should incorporate this essentially in its paradigm.

Holistic education is entirely based on a person’s connection with respect to his/her community, compassion, peace, spiritual awakening and natural surroundings in order to find identity, meaning and purpose of his/her life. It aims for intrinsic acclaim for life and love for learning through direct engagement with the environment. It nurtures a sense of wonder.

How Boarding Schools are Helping in Holistic Growth of Students

A boarding school is a home away from home where students are constantly taught and prepared in the fields of academics, athletics, and extracurricular activities. It is a great place to lay the foundation of a strong personality and excellent characteristics for a child’s secure future. The various benefits of choosing a boarding school for holistic growth and development of students are:

  • It enhances social and emotional growth as well as mental & psychological development
  • Motives and instils curiosity to learn naturally and creatively
  • Develops well-rounded adults
  • Encourages life-long learnings
  • It creates cohesive communities

Vedas International School is amongst the best schools near Sohna, where pupils from all backgrounds feel equally valued. Our school is the best CBSE school near Sohna, with state-of-the-art facilities and amenities to encourage the holistic development of students. Vedas International School is one such all-rounder leader in the field, which fulfils all the requisites of holistic education. We are the best residential school in Gurgaon, with award-winning boarding facilities and the best education system in place. We provide a conducive learning environment to all students for their optimum growth. Visit our website to know the details of our admission process for 2021-2022 session.

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