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Important Reasons to Move Your Child From a Day School to a Boarding School

Making a transition from a day school to a boarding school can be a tough one for the students, but it has its own benefits. Every school instils a certain value system and skills in students. Still, boarding schools are considered to be the prima facie of a disciplined, promising and fulfilling life.

The various reasons which state that studying at a boarding school is much better than a day school are:

  • Academic & Overall Development: As students are constantly supervised by the teachers and mentors 24/7, their overall development becomes the aim of boarding schools. Also, academic support is provided to the students at all times, which helps in clearing their concepts and doubts.
  • Availability of Extra-curricular activities: Most of the residential schools encourage students to pursue what they enjoy doing, be it football or public speaking. Boarding schools are not just about academics. They focus on the holistic and overall development of the child. The training and the facilities provided by the school is impeccable and focus on the excellence of the child.
  • Time Management: As the residential schools provide various facilities and amenities to students for their stay, students save a lot of time which is otherwise spent in commutation and other things. This time is thus utilised in various promising activities, which is fulfilling for the child and positive for his/her growth.
  • Independent & Responsible: The scenario and backdrop of a boarding school make your child self-reliable and self-resilient. Without the parents around, kids start and learn to manage things on their own. Plus, there is nothing cooler than becoming a self-made person.
  • Diversity & Exposure: The diversity in a boarding school is immense. Students from different backgrounds, communities and demographics attend the boarding schools, providing the exposure to the students like no other. It is a great learning place for a student for his/her overall development.

If parents want to advocate and imply these points stated above in their child, then they should definitely consider moving their child from the day school to a boarding school. The environment of Vedas International School is nurturing, caring and aims to give every child the opportunities to develop their talents and achieve their full academic potential. It is the best residential school in Sohna, where pupils from all backgrounds feel equally valued. Our school is the best boarding school near Sohna, with state-of-the-art facilities and amenities to encourage the holistic development of students. We provide a conducive learning environment to all students for their optimum growth. Visit our website to know the details of our admission process for 2021-2022 session.

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