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Why Residential Schools are Becoming the Primary Choice For Parents

School is a crucial part of a child’s life as it teaches and prepares the child for adulthood and various challenges in life. In the modern Indian education system, schools have a lot more to offer than just education. They focus on improving personality, inculcating self-discipline, and creating independent and mature citizens who can...

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How Are Boarding Schools Shaping the Holistic Growth of Students?

When we speak about holistic education, we look forward to a way of living, which prepare students for their future and help them tackle every challenge of their life with certainty and assurance. Education is meant to focus on the child as a whole, and it should cater to the physical, emotional, social and cognitive development of children. When...

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6 Unmatched Benefits of Boarding School Education for Students

As a parent, are you worried about your child’s overall and holistic development? Are you considering the option of sending your kid to a boarding school? Reading this article will surely help you tremendously in making the right decision for your child. A boarding school might sound a pretty drastic step, we cannot undermine the quality of...

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Important Reasons to Move Your Child From a Day School to a Boarding School

Making a transition from a day school to a boarding school can be a tough one for the students, but it has its own benefits. Every school instils a certain value system and skills in students. Still, boarding schools are considered to be the prima facie of a disciplined, promising and fulfilling life. The various reasons which state that...

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5 Reasons Why Vedas is the Best Residential School in Gurgaon

What makes boarding schools so prominent and highly regarded in the country? One might say the decorum, education, and exposure, while some might say cost, discipline and safety. It matters from person to person, what are they looking for in a boarding school. Vedas International School is one of the best residential school in Gurgaon, offering...

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Why a Conducive Approach Towards Education is Necessary During the Pandemic

Year 2020 is the year of pandemic, global crisis, changed scenarios, economical hazards etc. It is also the year of online education and virtual academic scenarios. During these changing times and expectations, it became very important for teachers and parents to deliver a positive and good learning environment for all students across the globe....

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7 Benefits of Extracurricular Activities in the Development of A Child

  Apt development of a child is a crucial aspect for every parent and school, during every phase of a child’s growth. It holds great importance in achieving various feats in life. One can understand its importance from the fact that most companies ask for extracurricular activities as an important facet to be included in a person’s...

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5 Steps Essential to be Taken for the Holistic Growth of Children

Today learning and acquiring knowledge is no more just dependent on academic excellence but is also dependent on multifaceted skill-development of a child. Holistic education is no more just a fancy term, but these days it is aggressively implemented in the school’s curriculum for the overall development of students. It helps in building...

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Vedic Wisdom with Modern Education

  India, that is Bharat, is the name given to this country in Article 1 of her Constitution drafted after independence in 1947. Obviously, the influence of more than two centuries of British rule prevailed while mentioning India as principal name and Bharat as an explanatory one. Bharat is a Hindi word meaning ‘bhan main ratt’ -...

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5 Tips Where We Help Kids Learn Quickly

  Schools play a key role in the overall development of children in their early years. They help students in building a strong foundation for the rest of their lives. It is a place for a child where he/she is away from parental care and comfort and learns to explore their senses, interact with peers, and start gaining valuable and...

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