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Things To Look For While Selecting A Boarding School

While selecting anything for a child, parents are very conscious and careful of their choices and decisions. Their one decision can either make or break the entire experience for the child. A school plays an important role in a child’s upbringing and growth. Thus, proper research and thoughtfulness are required while making that...

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Reasons Stating How Online Education Is Helping Our Kids

Education and its parameters have drastically changed since the time of the pandemic, and now it resonates more with online classes. The infliction of the virus made the lockdown necessary, and the need for education successfully implemented the concept of online education or classes. Technology acquired the centre stage during these times and...

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5 Skills That Students Learn In A Boarding School

A boarding school is a place that is educative and fun at the same time. It is a place that teaches students so many traits and skills, essential for a better life in the long run. The experienced and disciplined environment of a boarding school helps and prepares the students for the various challenges in life.  The global scenarios often...

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Why Has Online Education Become So Important In The Pandemic?

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, schools have globally shut their doors to their students and staff members. Recent studies have shown that 1.2 billion children around the world are currently focusing on the medium called online education. There has been a distinctive rise of e-learning, where teaching is now taking place online on digital platforms....

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7 Essential Skills Students Need For Their Future

Student education is built of many skills, knowledge, values and traits, and aims at the overall development and growth of students. These skills are important for the holistic growth of students and prepare them for various global challenges in the future. Every child is different and responds differently to the various training aspects of the...

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5 Benefits Of Studying In A CBSE School

The selection of a good school and board for your child is one of the most difficult and crucial ones for a parent. The complete development and growth of a child, along with future prospects, majorly depends on this decision. While every board has its pros and cons, there are various benefits one can find in enrolling your child in a CBSE...

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Why Residential Schools are Becoming the Primary Choice For Parents

School is a crucial part of a child’s life as it teaches and prepares the child for adulthood and various challenges in life. In the modern Indian education system, schools have a lot more to offer than just education. They focus on improving personality, inculcating self-discipline, and creating independent and mature citizens who can...

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How Are Boarding Schools Shaping the Holistic Growth of Students?

When we speak about holistic education, we look forward to a way of living, which prepare students for their future and help them tackle every challenge of their life with certainty and assurance. Education is meant to focus on the child as a whole, and it should cater to the physical, emotional, social and cognitive development of children. When...

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6 Unmatched Benefits of Boarding School Education for Students

As a parent, are you worried about your child’s overall and holistic development? Are you considering the option of sending your kid to a boarding school? Reading this article will surely help you tremendously in making the right decision for your child. A boarding school might sound a pretty drastic step, we cannot undermine the quality of...

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Important Reasons to Move Your Child From a Day School to a Boarding School

Making a transition from a day school to a boarding school can be a tough one for the students, but it has its own benefits. Every school instils a certain value system and skills in students. Still, boarding schools are considered to be the prima facie of a disciplined, promising and fulfilling life. The various reasons which state that...

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