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Vedas Football Team

Vedas Teams in pre subroto cup, U14 and U17yrs

Congratulations vedas international school won both categories in pre subroto cup. U14 and U17yrs.  Both the teams are going to Kurukshetra for the final round.

Vedas has collaborated with Thirty 40 Tennis Academy

Join Vedas International School to give your child the
best of tennis and academics. We have partnered with Thirty40 Tennis Academy to create a new pathway to sports and higher education globally.

Honourable CM of Nagaland

Honourable CM of Nagaland Mr Rio and Mr. Bhaichung Bhutia at Vedas campus meeting students and wishing them a great year ahead.

Roman Number Activity

Today at Vedas international School, children were taught roman number. The roman number activity involves writing roman number with the help of match sticks on colour chart paper.

Activity of Alphabet ‘L’

Alphabet activity is a simple, fun and engaging hands-on literacy activity children can play to help them learn and recognise letters.  Children were taught to colour the pictures beginning with letter L.

Activity on Taste: Sour & Sweet

Taste is one of the five basic senses along with sight, smell, hearing, and touch. Vedas International School conducted an activity on taste: Sour & Sweet. This testing activity will help our students to explore and learn about the sense of taste. The sour & sweet test is a simple, quick activity to explore how our sense of taste work.

Abacus Activity

There are many exciting ways to teach Abacus to kids. Some can be fun and exciting and some can be just plain tedious. Vedas International School believes teaching children through a fun activity. In grade 3 abacus activity was introduced among students. Abacus is a great tool to teach numbers and arithmetic to kids. It has colorful beads which makes learning fun.

First Aid Activity

Acknowledging the importance of health and safety among the children, Vedas International School organizes First Aid Activity in School Premises.

Children were taught basic first aid which will help them to stay safe and save lives in emergency situations.

Mother’s Day Card Making Activity

Our Little Champ celebrates Mother’s Day by making beautiful handcrafted cards with love during Mother’s Day Card Making activity. We were thrilled to see their creativity & talent.

Ascending Order Activity

We at Vedas International School believe in Learning through activity. We encourage the child to learn fun activities. Today children learn how to arrange numbers in increasing order through Ascending Order Activity.


Honourable CM of Nagaland Mr Rio and Mr. Bhaichung Bhutia visit at Vedas International School.

08 July, 2019

Abacus is a great tool to teach numbers and arithmetic to kids.

14 May, 2019

The 69th Republic Day was celebrated in Vedas with patriotic songs, poems,quiz and speeches

26 January, 2018

Rainbow Art Fest – Wonderful work by the students

22 December, 2017

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