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Few highlights of 2022

The year 2022 has been a year of learning, growth, activities, celebrations, lots of fun and festivities. A few highlights as in : our children shone out in academics with considerable number of children securing above ninety percent in 10 th and 12 th CBSE boards; our formation of the Student’s council which is working hand in hand with the Management and guiding younger children like family members; students excelling in Art and Craft with exhibition worthy creations ; dancing happily on celebrations with thematic learning and role play; and fun and frolic on the fields with outdoor Music classes and honing of sports skills to make us proud and a lot more.
The feather on the cap of our children being selected in Indian National U-17 camp in 2022 (Richie Kharbani, Wanshwadame, Aryan Rathi, K Lalremmuana, Kamei, and Suraj). Kamei, Lionel, and Suraj won two prestigious matches with 1st position SGFI (District Level) and YOUTH LEAGUE Tournament 2022). We also won the Amity football cup 2022 in the final by 4-0 against Shiv Nadar school Gurgaon, Reliance cup /Delhi City championship 2022), Sonalika Football Cup won by U-13, U-15 boys while U-17 stood as the Runners up for Shubrato cup.
Avi Agarwal from class 7th has bagged several medals at National and State level tournaments. He also travelled to Spain for series of Tournaments. He holds an AITA rank of 20 in the U-12 category.
Our Principal, a highly motivated and enthusiastic educationalist has won several awards. A few of them are; Pride of India 2022, award received from the honourable Governor of Haryana Shri Bandaru Dattatraya Ji; At Eldrok K12 Summit 2022 she won the admirable award in “Progressive educational approach for Holistic Development”.
We learnt a lot and with an eagerness to progress, stay relevant globally and even ahead of our times, we invited on our board as Director, Ms. Rachana Kodesia who is a Life Coach; International Montessori Trainer; Parent and Child Counsellor; Educational consultant. She has been honoured with Accreditation by IAO, USA as an Educational Professional &Trainer for creating Certified Educational Programs & Content. She won Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Memorial Award for Excellence in Education in 2016 as well as Dr. RadhaKrishnan Memorial Award for contribution to Education at National Level on Teachers Day 2020.

We will keep sharing our upcoming Pedagogical strategies and achievements of our students through 2023.
Have a great year!

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