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“When educating the minds of our youth, we must not forget to educate their hearts”

-Dalai Lama

Vedas International School follows NCERT AND CBSE syllabus from grade 1 to 12th. The school has been proved permanent recognition upto 12th standard by state government of Haryana and granted affiliation by CBSE , New Delhi upto 12th Standard. Besides , the scholastic subjects school also has integration of non-scholastic subjects right from the initial grades . High Quality teaching methods are practiced for meeting the standard of learning outcomes . Keeping the holistic development of learners of our school in vision , the school also imparts classroom activities , competitive participation , “Varenyum “ , Robotics , physical development specially football to make national football professional in school campus .

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Early Childhood Programme

The best way to shape a child is by making learning fun. That is why we follow the method of learning through play. This is the way the child learns by doing like dramas, plays and all the other activities. The fun makes learning seem like a play and this enhances their grasping power at the same time. The early years of a child are foundation years, so great amount of thought and planning is put into the curriculum. We aim to inculcate the best of the elements from the approaches that suit the perspective for the holistic child development. The early childhood education follows various approaches of the curriculum to suit the child.

Vedas is a place of learning where personal attention, good habit, etiquettes, culture, ethics and morality are not taught but ingrained in the hearts and minds of our students through experiential learning. The school environment, help the child in familiarization and understanding people in different phases of their life. It provides a carefully planned and structured environment which promote growth and learning in the natural way.

Every term the children are exposed to the world around them by field trips to parks, farms, museums etc. These visits are educational and fruitful to every child where they get inspired and motivated.

Middle School Education

We have curated the curriculum in the best interest of the student. It is adopted to make the students comfortable with the languages, mathematics, science and technology or social awareness. The introduction of third language is to make the students understand the economic, cultural and political trends spread across the world.

The curriculum is set keeping in mind the play-way method  in learning practices. The teacher student ratio kept in such a way that the students can  have an individual connect and understanding. Students are provided with  practical  knowledge,  where they learn by doing experiments and analysis, under the keen observation of the teachers.

The classrooms are airy and comfortable for the students to enjoy the learning experience in  the most natural and lasting way possible.


Senior Secondary Education

At Vedas International School, we take great pride in preparing our pupils into young-minded adults, well-equipped for dynamic and fulfilled lives beyond school. We effectively prepare every child to leave us not only with strong academic qualifications but also with impeccable skills, critical judgements, articulate qualities and compassionate values, needed to build a successful career. Vedas is a perfect learning hub for all the forward thinkers, makers, debaters and creators for a better today & tomorrow.

Our senior secondary education has faculty and staff working diligently to prepare students for their next level of learning and education. We train the students in a nurturing environment to develop them into individuals who are well-prepared, independent, self-motivated, self-disciplined, affirmed, and encouraged in body, mind and spirit. Through our innovative and holistic curriculum, Vedas International School is enabled to personalise learning, to suit each child’s interests, aspirations and aptitudes. We understand that each child navigates through education differently, and pupils thrive when they follow a curriculum that enables them to shine. Vedas has built a dynamic environment, openness to new ideas and a strong foundation for success in all walks of their lives.

New Age Learning

In today’s world of high competition, it is important to prepare well in advance for future Competitive Examinations so that students can take early lead over their competitors. Vedas International School hash synchronized Integrated System of Coaching for both Sports and Education that helps tremendously in increasing efficiency and confidence by reducing stress level as students approach real Examination, increasing chances of success manifold.

Ultimate aim of Vedas International School is to guide students in their career as per their aspirations and matching talent. That’s why we at Vedas International school keep excellence in academics and sports at the core and all other activities revolve around to help in creating a stress free academic environment for success in future Competitive Exams.


Integrated Coaching

The real and final goal of our education system is to enable students to build a successful career for themselves and have a flourishing life ahead. Be it Engineering, Medicine, Defense, Commerce or any field of matching talent, the career is aimed to be pursued through immense learning and exposure given in the early years. Parents should look out for a school that is diligent, well-prepared and equipped to guide students fair well in various competitive exams.

To articulate and carry such an immensely widespread and well-equipped program, we follow various fruitful steps for the benefit of the students. This combined partnership with the school is meant to mould young minds into brilliant individuals. Teachers and faculty give immense exposure to the students in order for them to understand the niches of cracking various competitive exams. The students are taught the right techniques and approaches while getting the clarity of concepts.

At Vedas, we have designed a stress-free Integrated Coaching Program for the students, synchronized with school education system, to fulfil the dreams of aspiring students aiming for success in IIT-JEE, NEET, KVPY, NDA, CA Foundation, NTSE & Olympiads etc. Under this aspirational program, school’s learning is followed by preparation for Competitive Exams, through advanced level illustrations, worksheets and exercise sheets. We start grooming students for a particular career as per their matching talent from 9th class onwards itself making separate batches for IIT- inclined, NEET/AIIMS- inclined, CA- inclined, NDA- inclined and GENERAL- inclined students, and we have devised special 4 Year Program (for class 9th) & 3 Year Program (for class 10th).


Introduction of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

At Vedas, Children are updated with latest technologies and trends and are provided knowledge and education in AI and other upcoming technologies based on students interest and knowledge level.

Digital age requires very different skill sets like Innovation, creativity, Design Thinking, Critical Thinking , collaboration etc. In order to shape up young minds, We have designed structured program with industry experts for our children to develop STEM skills, inculcate culture of Innovation, encourage creativity, imagination and applying Design thinking concepts. Our unique hands on /practical curriculum helps in engaging with young minds and enables them to choose a career path. We believe that through these programs the students will develop most sought after skills in a very systematic manner and generate interests in core academic subjects as well.


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