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5 Tips Where We Help Kids Learn Quickly


5 Tips Where We Help Kids Learn Quickly

Schools play a key role in the overall development of children in their early years. They help students in building a strong foundation for the rest of their lives. It is a place for a child where he/she is away from parental care and comfort and learns to explore their senses, interact with peers, and start gaining valuable and life-changing lessons.

Vedas International School is one of the top schools in Gurgaon with the best day and boarding facilities. We are instituted with the aim to change the way education is imparted. Our mission is to help students in realizing their inner potential and passion for excelling in their chosen field. We try to create an ideal environment with state-of-the-art facilities and expert faculty. As an institution, we implement the best techniques to ensure our students are well ahead of their competitors.

All of us need to understand that it’s not an era of plain learning with just academic intelligence. Many predefined steps are to be taken to positively move towards building a strong character of students to face the challenges of the real world.

Few activities that VIS implement to improve the overall learning and development of their wards are:

1. Teaching through activities: We believe that learning through activities leave an everlasting impact on a child’s brain. Apart from just education, it also teaches several other skills to them as well. Therefore, not just toys and books, we give our children an educational activity box to enhance their learning abilities.

2. Teaching through an external environment: Learning shouldn’t be confined within the four walls of a classroom. It should be linked to the real world in a way that allows children to grasp their lessons better. Infusing such real-world learning, we organize field trips for lessons linked with nature. We try to spark students’ interest and make them more involved in their academic endeavours.

3. Building EQ is as important as IQ: As we all are witnessing so many mishaps and criminal activities in the world today, the right education has become very crucial for a safe and secure world. According to studies, poor EQ can result in aggression, depression, anxiety, poor academic performance and several other negative traits. Therefore, as an institution, we try to build their ability to deal with failures and critical situations through apt recognition, understanding and management of emotions, termed as EQ.

4. DIY for kids: Creativity helps in the thinking and development of a child’s brain. We encourage the kids and give them an opportunity to unleash their creative energies. DIY is a great way to not only keep them engaged, but it is overwhelming in inspiring the overall growth and development of our young learners.

5. Role Play: Roleplay can be one of the most effective and exciting activities to teach kids about real-life situations, seasonal events and many occupations. We encourage role-plays to teach them learning, improving concentration, and enhancing their imagination. Children are able to learn many skills and express their feelings better during role-plays. It enables them to step into the shoes of fictional characters and act out as per their observation and understanding.

Nurturing the social and emotional development in children is very important for their overall as well as cognitive development. We, as an institution, are aware of the changing requirements and evolving needs of the young learners, and thus, we believe in transforming education through innovation to ensure their holistic growth.

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