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How We Educate Kids to Accept Failures Positively


Success and failure are the two sides of the same coin. Every time one can’t achieve laurels in whatever they put their hands into; failure can also be a reality. It is as prevalent in our lives just as success is. Therefore, we all should prepare for this aspect also, in our lives, as gracefully as we are for success.

Vedas International School being one of the top day and boarding school in Gurgaon helps the students to realize their inner potential and passion for excelling in the chosen field. We are the best residential school in Delhi/NCR with the mission to cultivate the values which are essential for a healthy community. Through our holistic curriculum and several activities, we teach children to view failure as an opportunity. We show them how to learn from their mistakes and not be afraid to try again. Our fresh and natural air in the campus, located in the Aravali Ranges, along with all modern and innovative infrastructure plays an important role in improving creativity and guarantees a healthy lifestyle for students.

Steps towards accepting failures

• Communication: It is an important tool to deal with failures. We encourage them to speak and talk about their emotions and feelings when things didn’t go the way they wanted them to be.

• Identification: As an institution, we teach them to identify their emotions and feelings and help them to express those in an acceptable manner.

• Individuality: We never compare any kid to others and preach the same to the parents as well. It’s for all of us to understand that the pressure of our expectations can take over their innocence and learning ability. Hence, we give each kid an age-appropriate activity matching their interests and skills.

• Praise:  We believe that the most important teaching in today’s time is to make them understand that winning isn’t the most important thing, but trying is. Therefore, we praise and applaud their efforts, irrespective of the outcome.

• Awareness: As they watch and learn more from the reactions of their parents and teachers, we are more aware of our own reactions and actions. We also hold seminars and meetings from time to time to spread awareness amongst all regarding this. Understand that its ok to share our disappointment with them. It’s important to show them how to learn well from your experiences.

• Love: All of our caring staff, faculty and heads shower love to every child of our school, whether he wins or lose. We believe in giving a healthy ad loving environment to the young learners for a confident tomorrow.

Learnings from failure

To make a child learn some positive outcome from failures, we, the parents and teachers, have to change our perception and attitude towards them in such situations. A simple hug or smile and a boost up to try again can do wonders for these little hearts and sensitive minds. Our words of encouragement and praise are powerful and effective tools for their healthy upbringing.

The main teaching here will be to teach young kids to convert the failures into important learnings. It will improve the child’s ability to succeed in future endeavours. All the kids should be taught to take failure as an opportunity or second chance to begin again more intelligently. We teach them to recognise their negative feelings, positively deal with them and take failures as an opportunity to learn about patience, perseverance, and a sense of pride in every accomplishment.

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