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Which Is More Important in A Child’s Education: Curriculum or Culture?

As parents, we all want to set up our children for success in life. Recognising and leveraging the best educational system and culture early on is key to achieving that goal. So, which is more important in a child’s education – curriculum or culture? Both. 

Prioritising the right curriculum over the school culture, or vice versa, are not effective strategies. That’s why at Vedas International School, we prioritise both school culture and curriculum.

The Critical Importance of Up-to-Date Curriculums in Modern-Day Education 

Don’t believe the schools that focus solely on educational culture and not proper curriculums. Being the best school in Sohna, it’s our duty to produce students who can compete with their peers. That means creating the right mixture of academics and co-curricular activities that give students relevant academic and non-academic skills. 

  • CBSE Curriculum with a Touch of Modern Education: We are a CBSE-affiliated institute. We modify the practical CBSE curriculum by creating special programs that help students develop the most sought-after skills. 
  • New Concepts and Sources of Information: Every year, we update our libraries to give students access to the latest books, academic papers, etc. We introduce our students to these sources in a very systematic manner. Our unique approach to introducing students to new concepts ensures that their interests in core academic subjects are sparked genuinely. 
  • Preparing Students for Competitive Exams: Our school also provides training for aspiring Medical and Engineering students. That’s why our syllabuses are designed to prepare students for key entrance exams like IIT-JEE or AIIMS. 
  • Integrating Sports into Yearly Curriculums:  We also have an integrated coaching system for academics and sports education. Integrating the two gives our students the confidence they need as they approach entrance examinations or sports events. 

Every year, Vedas International School excels at major inter-school sporting events because of this unique approach. Our stress-free academic environment also creates thousands of students who excel in competitive exams every year. We’re one of the only schools in Sohna and in India to offer such optimised curriculums. 

Creating a Future-Oriented Classroom Culture 

Our school near Sohna road Gurgaon is home to students who are ready to tackle future challenges. Our Robotics and Artificial Intelligence programme was specifically designed to create a future-oriented classroom culture. 

  • Exposure to the Latest Technologies: In our classrooms, students are exposed to the latest technologies in AI. Mid and secondary-level students also get to choose specific upcoming technologies that they want to pursue and explore. 
  • Peaceful Location: Our campus is located in “God’s Abode” – the Aravalli Hills, a peaceful and quiet location. This helps us create highly focused classroom cultures. These factors combine to give our students unique skillsets that are critical for success in the digital age. 
  • Strict Focus on Lab Education: Innovation, creativity, and design-based thinking are always encouraged in our STEM labs. 
  • Experienced Team of Instructors: Critical thinking and collaboration are two qualities our students develop very early, thanks to our instructors’ encouragement.
  • Oversight from Industry Experts: We have structured programs that are designed and overseen by industry experts. These experts provide on-the-spot demonstrations and share real-world examples to help students master critical design thinking concepts. 

Be it developing STEM skills, preparing for entrance exams, or acquiring “job-ready” skills – our school’s culture encourages all these qualities. Thanks to our dynamic, future-oriented culture, our students pick up these critical skills in an accelerated manner.

A Culture for Personal Development 

Living away from home and residing on our large campus provides our students with invaluable opportunities for personal growth. Our students develop key life skills like time management, self-responsibility, etc., from very early ages. Our students aren’t forced to study – they’re nudged into taking responsibility for their own education. 

This subtle approach to developing our students’ personal skills is very effective. Every year, our team of researchers create balanced schedules to ensure students get to participate in activities like – 

  • Reading books at our well-equipped and up-to-date libraries.
  • Explore their love for the arts by participating in traditional arts, machine building, painting, craft-making, etc. 
  • We are partnered with Bhaichung Bhutia Football Schools (BBFS schools). This collaboration enables us to give students access to the highest level of sports coaching in India.

We have a special “Beyond Academics Team” that oversees these activities. This team is full of expert musicians, artists, dance masters, etc., who all pay personalised attention to our students. Thanks to this team, our students have won many prizes in inter-school cultural events and sports events. 

Vedas International School is the best because we allow our students to stretch their horizons both through academic and extracurricular means. Want your child to learn and live in a culture of growth and follow the most up-to-date curriculums? Visit our school near sohna road Gurgaon now!

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