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Vedas: A Boarding School with a Difference

Living away from home presents many challenges for boarding school students. But, these students gain independence and go through life experiences that are way beyond their years. 

At Vedas International School, we have always aimed to create environments where our students are engaged, active, and constantly driven. We are the only boarding school in Sohna that takes a holistic approach to education by prioritizing both academic and non-academic studies. 

Our Council of Directors has 17+ years of experience in meeting the Central Board of Secondary Education’s (CBSE) academic standards. More importantly, our team of education experts and academicians conducts extensive research to create the perfect school culture. 

Following an up-to-date curriculum is vital for students to develop skills that meet the demands of future job markets. But, we also believe that creating a school culture that enables students to become socially responsible individuals is equally important. 

What makes Vedas International School one of the unique CBSE schools in Sohna schools? Here’s all that parents can expect when they send their precious children to our school – 

Premium-Grade Education for Children of all Ages 

We know that giving their children first-class education is every parent’s priority. That’s why our classes are highly individualized. Our approaches to teaching are designed to match the needs and abilities of every student. Our teaching staff is famous for making themselves available for extra mentoring whenever needed.

  • We follow NCERT and CBSE curriculums for grade 1 to 12th education. We are a CBSE-affiliated institute.
  • We follow a “community approach” to learning as our students are encouraged to live, play, study, and learn among their peers. 
  • We have an extremely diverse boarding school setting where students get to expand their perspectives in and out of classrooms.
  • We optimize our class sizes small to ensure our teachers and students develop close mentor relationships.
  • Our Early Childhood Programme also makes us one of the leading schools in Sohna road Gurgaon for pre-middle school children.
  • Through personal attention, we inculcate good habits, etiquettes, and ethics in the minds of our students.

Our students receive experiential learning in carefully planned environments.  Be it field trips to local museums or visits to our Robotics and Artificial Intelligence labs – students always get inspired and motivated through first-hand experiences.

An Evolving and Updated Education

We are the only school in Sohna that modifies yearly curriculums to suit the best interests of our student’s professional goals. Every year our lesson plans and teaching techniques evolve as per recent trends in mathematics, science, technology, and economics.

  • Our evolving curriculum gives students the learning practices they’ll need to understand future job markets. 
  • Our senior secondary education classes aim to give children strong academic qualifications.
  • We also instil skills like critical thinking, articulation/communication, and self-motivation to ensure they’re ready for dynamic professional environments. 
  • Our students are prepared well in advance for competitive exams in the future. Our holistic curriculum has a successful track-record of giving students the strong foundations they need to succeed in specific fields. 
  • Our Robotics and Artificial Intelligence programmes are designed to help children develop critical STEM skills from an early age. 

Our students develop the most sought-after industry skills in a personalized manner. At Vedas International School, we have always believed in sparking students’ interests in fundamental academic subjects. Forcing them to learn STEM subjects never works. Our experience-based approach and lab-based classes are much more effective. 

Prioritizing Personal Growth

Vedas International School is proud to have students who quickly develop vital life skills like time management, accountability, etc. 

  • Every year, our students pick up these skills in an accelerated manner because they receive ample guidance from our teachers and administrators.
  • Vedas International School is a “home away from home” for our students. Our students get to adequately prepare the academic and extracurricular skills needed to get into top colleges in this home.
  • Our school in Sohna has separate departments for – arts and crafts, music & dance, and sports. We’ve recently partnered with BBFS schools (Bhaichung Bhutia Football Schools) to give our students a chance to enter the most prestigious footballing competitions in India.

Vedas International School’s medical safety and security team is always patrolling the campus to guarantee our students’ safety. Our campus in “God’s Abode” – the Aravali Hills is the perfect place for academic and personal development. 

Want to know how Vedas International School’s unique approach to education can help your child? Visit our admissions page now! 

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