Coming together is a beginning
Keeping together is progress
Working together is success

Principal's Vision / Message

I believe that each student has tremendous potential to bring about positive influence in society. I hope to provide a platform that would unleash the best talents in the student community. My vision is to provide a very conducive atmosphere for our students to prove their talents and that they are given a competitive environment to grow, learn, lead and succeed. Individual attention to the student should be our prime focus. In my view, education does not only mean literacy nor is it merely reflected by the collection of degrees by a person but is an overall grooming and character building of an individual. Today we are on the threshold of a new era of growth and progress and material developments are overtaking age old values which have so far been an inseparable part of our life in general and the education system in particular. It is essential that in the age of transformation, there should be a balanced blending of educational advancement with National and Ethical values. Our school should provide a platform that inspires a new league of thinkers to bloom and blossom. In today s hyper competitive world, no opportunity to build advantage should be missed. We must think of ourselves as entities that must be dynamic and competitive and thus we have to teach our students to constantly evolve and maximise their potential.

As a visionary, it is for me to strategize, which learning style, the teachers and students respond to best. It calls for a redefinition of what a school activity is. While each activity, academic or co-currcular must give an experience, each small piece of interaction must build into a larger mosaic of understanding. Our constant aim is to raise awareness, broaden horizons, inspire debate and inculcate values that are sterling in quality.

Mrs. Seema Ahuja
Vedas International School

It is my pleasure to welcome you to VIS, our aim is to offer the very best of academic instruction. This is delivered in an environment emphasizing on strong moral values, ethos and cultural traditions.

I bring to VEDAS the benefit of over 26 years of experience in teaching, pastoral, coaching, mentoring and management capacities, having been directly engaged with students, teachers and patents both as an educator and administrator at various CBSE curriculum schools.