Life at Campus

Vedas International strives to be a home away from home. It’s a place where our students make friends that last a lifetime, discover amazing sports that make their hearts soar, read books at our spacious and well-equipped library that shape their thoughts and minds, and in the process, discover their true potential.

We understand that it’s important to be academically sound, but what is equally important for us is to inculcate in our students the love for the arts, music, dance, painting, puppetry, clay work and weaving, all of which help children become complete individuals and view their world through a completely new outlook.

Meals and Dining: The dining hall offers breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner, and has a bright ambience that’s inviting and comfortable. All our meals have been designed after detailed consultations with expert dietitians and prepared on campus under strict quality controls. We serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals, with eggs, juices, fresh fruits, vegetables, and milk to give our students the right amount of nutrition their bodies need. Our menu changes frequently to offer variety and taste to our students.

Hostel rooms: The rooms have been aesthetically designed with a lot of natural light, cheerful linen, comfortable beds and individual cupboards with neat and clean washrooms, all of which help our students feel right at home.

Common Room: The common room is a dedicated space with study tables, where students gather in the evening after school finishes to study and learn together. They also have the option to read a book or do research for their projects online.

Medical Safety and Security: In case of an emergency, there’s a doctor on call 24x7. There’s also a medical room fully equipped with first aid. Furthermore, the campus has 24×7 security cover, with guards stationed at all the gates, in front of all buildings, as well as patrolling the campus.

Communication Lab: In today’s world, it is important to communicate well. At Vedas International, we lay emphasis on spoken English and help our students get extremely comfortable with the language.

After-School Programme: With a whole host of sporting facilities, our students can opt to be coached in a sport of their choice, whether it is football, cricket, lawn tennis or basketball, among others. All sporting facilities can be accessed for a dedicated time each day.

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