School Infrastructure

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The Ambience

Nature is the best ally, and our campus is located right in the middle of God’s Abode, Aravali Hills. The campus is artistically designed with liberal amount of open space to allow natural light and pure air. Every element in the campus is designed to inspire the students and faculty. The school is well maintained and special care is taken to ensure the safety of the students.

The Classroom

Our classroom is carefully designed to reduce monotony and to stimulate thought process. Each classroom is unique, yet proudly showcases our brand message. The furniture and equipment used in the classrooms ensure the comfort of the students. Our audit team monitors the devices at regular intervals to ensure proper functioning and upgrades.

The Laboratory

Practical experience is a vital part of the educational programme. Our school understands the inevitability and has established an array of laboratories for the welfare of the students. These include Mathematics, Computer, Language and Science. These labs assist the students in enhancing their skills and theoretical knowledge through experience and research. Our laboratories are equipped with the state-of-the-art instruments and facilities are made available for the benefit of the students. The school has employed sufficient equipment to ensure access to all the students. Separate time slots are allotted for each lab and the students are permitted to access the units after school.

The Library

We encourage reading at a very young age and our library gratifies the growing demands of the younger generation. Our digitally catalogued library serves as an oasis of knowledge to our students. Our library is maintained and regularly updated with latest books and journals. The books are carefully screened and approved by a team of experts. They are inclusive of both academic and fiction books. In addition to subject books, we also encourage our students to read literature books to improve the reading skill of the students.

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