Early Childhood Programme

The best way to shape a child is by making learning fun. That is why we follow the method of learning through play. This is the way the child learns by doing like dramas, plays and all the other activities. The fun makes learning seem like a play and this enhances their grasping power at the same time. The early years of a child are foundation years, so great amount of thought and planning is put into the curriculum. We aim to inculcate the best of the elements from the approaches that suit the perspective for the holistic child development. The early childhood education follows various approaches of the curriculum to suit the child.

Vedas is a place of learning where personal attention, good habit, etiquettes, culture, ethics and morality are not taught but ingrained in the hearts and minds of our students through experiential learning. The school environment, help the child in familiarization and understanding people in different phases of their life. It provides a carefully planned and structured environment which promote growth and learning in the natural way.

Every term the children are exposed to the world around them by field trips to parks, farms, museums etc. These visits are educational and fruitful to every child where they get inspired and motivated.

CBSE Affiliated