Early Childhood Programme

The best way to shape a child is by making learning fun. That is why we follow the method of learning through play. This is the way the child learns by doing like dramas, plays and all the other activities. The fun makes learning seem like a play and this enhances their grasping power at the same time.

The early years of your child are foundation years, so, great amount of thought and planning is put into the curriculum. We, aim to inculcate the best of the elements from the approaches that suit the perspective for the holistic child development. The early childhood education follows various approaches of the curriculum to suit the child most.

Following a friendly yet structured approach to learn, we introduce and make kids comfortable with the learning of family, home, culture and language. Children are encouraged here to explore the environment with the help of arts, technology, music and dance. The activities included involve the development of sensory and motor skills in the child.

Every term the children are exposed to the world around them by field trips to parks, farms, museums etc. These visits are educational and fruitful to every child where they get inspired and motivated.

Primary Education

In early years of schooling, we at Vedas International School focus on enhancing the language skills, learning of mathematical concepts, the introduction and adaption of scientific principles along with the appreciation and knowledge of diversity in India as well as touching the world's culture and history parallel to it. The school is trying to build a dynamic environment- creating participating classes, community engagements and openness to new ideas. The former years in any child's education are necessary as they grow roots for education, and with our well-trained team we make sure every child is monitored and all the curriculum and extra curricular activities are covered with great zeal.

Learning the fun way is the only way we strive to achieve and is what we believe.

Middle School

We have curated the curriculum in the best interest of the student. It is adopted to make the students comfortable with the languages, mathematics, science and technology or social awareness. The introduction of third language is to make the students understand the economic, cultural and political trends spread across the world.

The curriculum is set while keeping in mind the practice of leaning the fun way. The teacher student ratio is kept low so they have an individual connect and understanding. Students are offered practical where they learn from experimenting and analysis, under the keen observation by the teacher.

The classrooms are set up as airy and comfortable for the students to be able to enjoy the experience with fun and the most natural and lasting way possible.