Directors Message

As we step into the globalised techno-dominated society of the 21st century, the schooling experience needs to be re-visited on the basis of the fast-changing present and an awesome, uncharted future.What we will need tomorrow that has to be provided for the children of today-by redefining the multiple dimensions of school life, restructuring school programme and re-strategizing the processes that enable learning a life-long habit of learning involves the shaping of attitudes and cultivation of sensitivities, so that an individual is at once part of society and apart in the way he/she thinks, feels, works and behaves. At Vedas International School, it is just that what we offer.

Come let us hold hands so that we create opportunities and provide an environment for children to learn the way they best can; help them become emotionally strong, acquire skills, develop a passion and penchant for excellence in any area of their choice so that tomorrow they stand tall, with confidence, to be seen and heard to be counted among those who CAN.


To strive towards becoming an institution of excellence where besides giving value based education the students will learn to face the emerging issues such as global warming, health issues and other environmental and social issues.


Vedas International Schools is committed to provide education of excellence. Our mission is to provide a safe, supportive, nurturing environment that helps students to realize their full potential. The school trives to provide best facilities and faculty to support students to become independent, responsible human beings.
To ensure implementation of best Teaching Learning Practices from around the world.
To inculcate in learners a concern of environmental and ethical values

Quality Policy

We are committed to quality as an integral part of our institutional policy by continuous self – evaluation and striving to improve ourselves.

The emphasis is on innovative teaching, continuous monitoring and evaluation through tutorials, laboratory classes and participation in co-curricular activities and to generate social consciousness among the upcoming generation to meet the challenges of society and the world.

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