About Us

Vedas International School was instituted with the aim to precede a change in the educational system. Our school believes in creating the right atmosphere and platform for the students to enrich their knowledge. We endeavour a holistic approach to education by giving equal importance to non-academic studies as well. Over years of extensive research, experts and academicians have assessed the importance of an integral method of the education system to encourage students to grow into full-fledged and socially responsible individuals. Care is taken to develop and enhance the professional skills and communication to help them handle the demands of today's society.

We cultivate the values mandatory for a healthy community through our programmes and workshops. We emphasise our message through our communications and actions. The first and the foremost aspect is our environmental maintenance policy. Our campus located near the Aravali Ranges has managed to maintain the standards for air quality. The fresh and natural air plays a vital role in improving the creativity and guarantees a healthy lifestyle for our students.

The school is governed by a Council of Directors who bringtheir industry knowledge and experience of over 17 years to the table. They have established their distinction by successfully leading Rajasthan Institute of Technology. The management aims to replicate and augment quality education at the school level to create the ideal environment for learning and development right from a very tender age.

Our school has succeeded in creating the right blend of academics and co-curricular activities to provide a comprehensive growth plan for our students. We are accredited by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and our standards are one of the best in the country. We proffer equal attention to co-curricular activities and encourage our students to pursue their passion and interest. Our sports and cultural departments have excelled in various Inter-school events. Our library is equipped with an excellent collection of books to provide access to unlimited knowledge and reference. Our school also has an advanced Language Lab and Mathematics Lab for the benefit of the students. Our school also renders training and guidance for Medical and Engineeringexams.

Career Development

Uniqueness is the key to a successful career. In the land of millions, it is vital to be different and exceptional. These qualities are inculcated in our studentsright from a very early age, and we work towards a unified goal – excellence. Our students are tutored to outshine in academics, communication, presentations and supplementary skills.

Specialized training and consultation are given on Career Guidance and Competitive Exams. The objective of this well-planned and extensive training helps them stay ahead of their peers in the competitions. Our success lies in creating this programme without compromising on the harmony and serenity of childhood.

The Philosophy

We firmly believe and work towards achieving experience and excellence. No education is complete without experiencing the nuances and various aspects of it. Our school and teaching methodologies encourage students to participate in all supplementary courses inclusive of sports, culture, language, arts, etc. The students are tutored in all mandatory skills like presentation, body language, communication, team building in addition to academics. We encourage the students to explore and understand the intricacies of the lessons and concepts. Our success lies in creating the right platform and support to the students to help them excel not only in their studies but the life as a whole.

Teaching Methodology

In today's world, people believe in more in competition than learning. This culture leads to a severe lag in the understanding of concepts and logic. We aim to alter this trend by teaching the importance of healthy competition through knowledge and research. We not only tutor textbooks; we encourage the students to analyse, research and understand the underlying cause and reason. Our educational system is inclusive of the right mixture of practical and theoretical study to achieve the ideal balance. We do emphasise on physical activities and instil the importance of the mental, physical and intellectual growth of the students. Every aspect of the curriculum is deeply researched and approved by veterans. Periodical assessment is conducted to help our students stay ahead of the competition. We ensure that experience instils the fundamental values instead of words.